Thursday - Social Media - Take Two

Screen shot of Robin Schoettler Fox’s blog post

Social Media Specialist Robin Fox and storyteller Slash Coleman have never met. They are a continent apart yet they are both skilled in using Social Media as the basis for their marketing.

In these two recent blog posts they show very different sides of possible results - with a common link.

Robin Schoettler Fox, as she works Facebook to network and expand her business reach, finds a personal story which she shares with her readers. I was caught up in the story, ofcourse, and with her expanding it by the follow-up phone call. What started out as an internet marketing exercise worked its way to being a very touching personal connection and story.

Too often, I think , its easy to gloss over the human quotient and lose the personal touch so I appreciated being on the sidelines for a lesson in how wonderfully personal and satisfying the connections can be.

Robin tells me that the internet is all about transparency so here it it - Robin is my daughter. She is a trained corporate marketer who now specializes in Social Media. She is my Social Media coach and secret weapon in the marketing game as she advises me on my business and for a year has been teaching me how to work with Social Media. I have been surprised how easy it is to work coast-to-coast on Skype.

Screen shot of Slash Coleman blog postStoryteller Slash Coleman is one of the most effective communicators with Social Media on the storytelling scene and accomplished in marketing. I "listen up" when he posts on his blog.

Today Slash Coleman, posted an excellent and comprehensive over-view article on marketing that runs the gamut of the varied Social Media tools and how to have them effectively interact as you work your marketing campaign.
Don't miss it. This article is a keeper.

Beyond the tools, Slash highly recommends remembering - it is one hand-shake at a time - even in the vast internet market. Don't lose the personal touch.

I appreciated this shared awareness between Robin and Slash on the importance of the personal touch in building business and life-relationships. There are times when the two over-lap.

Being transparent I should also tell you Slash and I met last October when we were both telling on the Exchange Place Stage at the National Storytelling Festival. I have followed his storytelling work and his marketing expertise through his blog ever since. This guy knows what he is doing - and graciously shares his know-how.

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