Monday - Spring, Movies and a Song

The trees and flowers are popping out all over.
Yellow forsythia bushes blooming at the back door.

Persephone must be back and her mama is so happy she is coloring the world.

Taped two new stories today.
Love that.

De Ja Vu
Two weeks ago Jim and I watched a 1943 black and white movie, The More the Merrier, starring Joel McCray, Jean Arthur and Charles Coburn. Its a cute film that sets up the boy and girl plot around the housing shortage in Washington, DC during WWII. It was fun and a bit of history as well.

Last night I was in bed but not sleepy and did not want to read so I decided to pick a fun Instant Play film on Netflix and watch it on the laptop. (Now that's another reason I love the laptop computer - totally portable.) I chose Gary Grant's last film, the 1966 Walk Don't Run, with adorable Jim Hutton and Samantha Eggar. Guess what, the boy meets girl plot revolves around the housing shortage in Tokyo during the 1966 Olympics with Gary Grant acting as cupid for the other two. I watched with the other film echoing in my ears and eyes. Different location, some changes in the plot but step by step hanging on the same stepping stones. I loved watching it and comparing the approaches.

In the end, I choose Walk Don't Run - because even as the older man - you can't top Gary Grant for being himself with perfect comic timing and perfected cool.

JUST FOR FUN. Sing-a-long with Mitch Miller

Recommended by Alan.

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Alan G said...

Heart of My Heart....

One of my favorite songs. I was and still am for that matter, a huge fan of The Four Aces who had a great version of that old song also.