Three Beautiful Things: Storytelling, Bird Report and Hurray for Technology

Stories at Kensington Row book Shop last night. Inspite of threatening weather and dire warnings we had a very interesting group show up to hear stories. And they were not disappointed.

Tellers Kelly Cresap and Elizabeth Wallace gave foks a fine evening. Afterwards the group mingled, and talked about the stories over a glass of wine and a cookie.

2. Bird Report
By george, now she has three eggs in that nest. Anybody know how long it takes until they hatch?

3. Hurray for Technology
Robin and I have been working together a lot as she over-hauls my website . So much so that we are burning up her cell minutes. I work on a land-line. Today we turned to the computer and worked with the video phone.

This is my first time using the camera on my MAC as a telephone. Grandson Dan suggested it and stayed to walk me through setting it up. When the camera popped on and I saw Robina nd Dan I was so surprised. How easy. How close. THIS IS GREAT!

I have to admit that next time I will check my make-up and comb my hair - before I sign on - just so I do not have to see myself as a train wreck.

I loved having the immediacy of the camera. Robin seemed so close and when her boys popped in and out of her office to bug her about something they stopped to say hello. Very at home. I want a lot more of this. A new world has opened up.

Anbody else want to conference on the video phone?