Head is busy with thinking.

Making lists and thinking about things:

1. What to take on our trip to Charlotte next week. Clothes, computers and background dates for library research. I am working on a new story, tying loose ends on a bit of family history, and following another idea - so I look forward to a few hours with my nose in old Charlotte newspapers in the Carolina Room of the downtown library.

2. Be sure and put Mama's rosary in the suitcase to loan to Elizabeth to carry down the Aisle on her BIG DAY.

3. Wrap the wedding present.

4. Make the paper piece for Patti's birthday quilt.

5. My head is filled with stories. Practice programs - and keep focused on which gig comes first: Speakeasy, Charlotte, Brighton, Rockville.

6. Put the rest of the books back on the shelves in my office. I have whittled the stacks of boxes - from 25 down to only 7 boxes left to un-pack. Why do I think I have to have a library all my own? Be strong. Let go of some of these books!

I have had help from unexpected sources. Thurday there was an all-day NCIS marathon on TV. It started at 10 am. I could not believe my good luck. What great companions for the job. If I am lucky I will find some NCIS re-runs to keep me company today. The theme music alone will keep me on-track while I shelve books.

Maybe I will use Instant Play on Netflix if there are no re-runs on TV. What's this - the NCIS 7th Season - and I have never watched that show until a month ago. Now I am over-b0ard on it - watching past episodes to catch up on the story-line. Its another one of those "learning their world" things.

I know. I know. Stupid.

But you have to understand - diversion is my way of thinking through problems when they arise. When Jim comes and stands in the doorway looking at me I tell him, "it looks like I am just watching TV - but actually I am working." He nods and walks away -

or sometimes he sits down and joins in with the thinking.