Sunday - Harry Potter, Mail Boxes, and Birds


Our local family went to see Harry Potter Saturday Night.
Magic run amuck. Loved it! Loved it!
I am re-reading the book at the moment so can see where the screen writers made their choices and insights into their process is always interesting even when I don't agree with them. I know I will see the film again - and maybe again after that. Won't you?

Are local on-the-corner mailboxes disappearing in your neighborhoods?
They are around here.
Trucks come and pick them up and it has nothing to do with magic - its a budget cut. Although the Washington Post article reports that the party-line says its because of the change in the way our society communicates. People use email.

Pretty soon your convenient box on the corner will be a misty memory.


Wow - they are really growing so fast. I am beginning to think they will soon crowd each other out of the nest. Better to jump and fly than to be squished.


Mary said...

They are just too cute! . . . and perhaps the wisdom of the tiny nest, easier to keep eggs and babies warm, small enough to encourage them to leave!

I have been trying to find a mailbox close to home. I don't like putting bills out in my unlocked mailbox for pickup. I just noticed that the development across from "my" Y has the communal mailboxes like those at my (still unsold) condo, with a little slot for outgoing mail. I asked some people sitting out if they would mind strangers adding mail -- they said no problem!

Alan G said...

The "Bluebird Feed" was gone this morning? I wonder if they left the nest yesterday?

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