Thinking a Collage

Things I am thinking about this morning - seems to be mostly a collage of good-byes.

1. Here's hoping this is good-bye to Sarah Palin.

2. Today is good-bye to Michael Jackson. If I were 50 years old I would probably feel more personally involved - but since I am not - I am just sorry for him, his children and his family - and wishing they would get on with it.

3. R.I.P McNamara - he is a one-word personality and that one word, McNamara, brings back a painful era.

4. Reading King Arthur again and I just cannot keep all those courteous, sword-wielding knights straight. Could Morgan Le Fay really have been such an evil witch as this book makes her out. I like Marion Zimmer Bradley's re-telling in Mists of Avalon better.

5. Wondering why I said I would meet a friend for lunch when I have things that need doing here.

6. Getting ready for our trip to North Carolina next week. It will be hard. This is the first time I have been back since Mama's funeral last summer. Lots of ghosts in Charlotte. I hope they will let me be.

7. Yesterday Jim and I were stopped for a red light
next to a fresh raw tree stump.
Last week , in a violent wind-storm,
a huge tree limb fell on the top of an SUV filled with kids
and killed the driver and her 7 year old daughter.
The tree, a venerable ancient oak is gone -
replaced by a wilted wreath and a few dead flowers -
felled after the damage was done.
While five little girls at home
wait for their mother.