Friday - Charlotte and Greenville

Slept right through the alarm this morning - and feel rested.

Yesterday was an excellent day - a mix of family and re-visiting my childhood haunts. Lots of story material surfacing.

Happy to hear that Jimmy is back at home from Tokyo. He and his family will arrive in Greenville this afternoon. Talked to Robin - where are you? "On the Grapevine' - and I could see that stretch of highway toward LA as she was driving Scotty to a basketball tournament in San Diego. I guess you never get over the mother-practice of touching base with your chicks.

Speaking of chicks. The blue bird nest is busy and crowded with three baby birds and their mother. Awesome.

Our first stop for the day was the Charlotte Public Library for a visit to the Carolina Room. While I was researching two new stories Jim stepped in to look up some several missing obituaries we need for the family genealogy.

Researching for stories and family history is fun.
We only had a couple of hours and they were fruitful. Although we had our doubts - with only fifteen minutes left before we had to leave for Greenville Jim was close but had not found Pauline Cobb's obituary and I could not understand why I had not see the news article about my cousin Janice. "We are going to have to wind up."
When - BINGO - both of us made the find. We left with what we had come for. That's not always the case when you are seaching old newspapers.

Easy drive to Greenville - crossing the state line to South Carolina. We did take time to stop at Abbotts Farm stand to get peaches and stuff made with peaches. I love the peach cider. This will be a sweet treat for months.

Jimmy and family already settled. Hugs all round. And time for a couple of episodes of NCIS - both new to me - before heading out for first wedding party.