Sunday in the Country

Jim and I have not been to Pennsylvania since January - before his surgery - so with lovely week-end weather predicted we drove up yesterday. Being here is like taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly.

Karen had told me there was a loud frog in the pond near the kitchen door but last night when he started singing I was amazed at the volume - he sounded in the room with me. Birds are everywhere and they are all chattering, a regular tower of Babel on the wing.
Golden dandelions have invaded the neighbor's fields. I don't know how welcome they are to the farmers but to me they are big splashes of wonderful color. Its like living in a Spring collage.

And with all that - it is QUIET. Soothingly quiet. Quiet that is great for sleeping.

We don't have TV hooked up. Only movies which we choose ourselves. No commercials and no CNN. We black-out the news. What a relief! We can wait 24 hours or more to learn what's happening in the world that we cannot do one thing about. We can pray without hearing the news - - Lord, please bless this world and all of the people in it.

One of the best things about coming up to this area of PA in the Spring are the apple orchards in bloom. We rolled down the car windows so we could smell the sweet perfume from the orchards along the roads as well as enjoy the glorious blossoms against blue skies.

All that is pure blessing.


Cat said...

It's always nice to get away and not know what is going on in the outside world.

Mary said...

Even with ambient highway noise, the wildlife are most audible. I heard my frog (or one of his cousins) at dawn one morning, so loud that I actually looked for him in my bedroom, and the birds are amazingly loud at dawn. There are flowers on the May apples, and the iris is blooming. 

Two cardinals are showing up regularly in my yard, and the male is the most
brilliant red I’ve ever seen! I don’t feed them, but neighbors do. I think
they may be planning a nest in the tall hickory trees. Maybe too much
activity near the feeders?

I saw a red fox a month ago and a last week a ground hog (woodchuck? Wikipedia says they are the same) strolled across the yard and under mydeck. He must have gone out the other side, because I didn’t see him later when I looked (after being warned of all the damage they can do). I’ve not yet seen the resident deer, and I saw the raccoons only on my first morning here, though I saw their little paw prints by the frog puddle several mornings.
I do love spring in the little "eco-home" by Walden Pond.

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