3 Beautiful Things - about Storytelling

Time Out, e.schoettler, collage, 2009 Series

3 Beautiful Things

1. Today was my first rehearsal with 4 of the 8 other storytellers who are the cast for "Mommie Dearest," a new production for Speakeasydc. Amy Saidman is the director and she is very good at what she does. I am impressed by the other tellers and happy to be a part of it. If you are in this area mark the date - May 10 - and come to hear an exciting program with 8 tellers telling stories about "mother'' in very different styles. I can tell you from the stories I heard today - its going to be terrific.

2. The energy and excitement of working with a group of diverse performers - pushing each other further, supporting each other's work.

3. One of the storytellers asked me, "did you know your eyes light up when you start to tell your story?" No I didn't - because I never see myself telling stories - but truthfully - I am not surprised - that's how I feel when I tell a story.