3 BT - Day 16 - 2 parking lots, Storyteller, A Coloful Find

Day 16 - Two parking lots today.

Storyteller Vera Oye Yaa-Anna
Vera is a storyteller and the National Storytelling Network State Liaison for DC. as I am for MD. She and I talked on the phone a number of times and planned to meet for the past several months but schedules never meshed - until today. What a treat. Can't you see in her eyes how lively and vital she is. Fun to be with - brimming with enthusiasm and stories.
She told me that Liberia is her home country although she has lived in the US a number of years. She tells folktales, legends and other stories of her native culture. She is very definite when she talks about her goals for using storytelling to build community bridges and bring people together.
I have invited her to perform in July in Kensington and I hope that works out because I look forward to hearing her tell her stories.
Colorful Find

On the way to meet Vera at the Bethesda Starbucks I stopped in at the Montgomery County Thrift Shop and found this beauty. How could I leave it behind? Handmade, in perfect shape and the unusual color choices someone made when crocheting these squares. When I look at those squares I wonder if she used the little left over bits of wool she had in a basket to make this afghan. Whatever - I am glad it came home with me. And all for $10. Lucky find.