Easter PS- Something New, Memory Joggers, Day 18,

Easter PS - Something new

This is for you, kids.

Talking about memories. I looked all over for this photo for Easter and did not find it until today.
That's us - with Robin, Jimmy and Karen.
Easter Sunday morning 1965. We are standing outside our house on Aragona Drive, Oxon Hill, MD.
Would you believe it? I made the coats the girls are wearing - yeah, yeah, I know - you can tell.
That was my first and last venture into tailoring. I made dresses for them - for several years and to their relief finally gave that up too.

Memory Joggers

Toe to Toe, Altered digital photo, e. schoettler

My computer is set to flip through my photo files so I never know what memory jogging image will be on the monitor when I walk into the room. I like having this way for random reminders because it keeps the memories fresh.

Sometimes - like this morning- I stop to play with the photos.
Last year when storyteller Kate Dudding and I visited the Clark Museum I stopped to admire this Degas Dancer. This morning when I was reviewing photographs I took then I see there was one other woman in the room with me. Now I discover that the woman and the dancer are toe-to-toe.

I remember the Dancer, the gallery, even the rainy day, but I do not remember being conscious of this nice connection between the statue and the woman. Its a surprise from my artist-eye. My guess is that my "artist - eye" which is trained to notice relationships like this caught it and left it for me to find someday. Another reason I flip through photographs - often there is more than just the memory.

18 Days left in the 37 Days Challenge.
Report - I learned at the outset that my exercising would have to be bit-by-bit as part of my regular routine. I would have to notice what I was doing and claim it as exercise and extend it where I could. But, how to measure if anything is changing? Well, yesterday was a measurable test. Adjoa Burrowes and I resumed our class at the Silver Spring International Middle School. We have had a break because of testing and Spring Break.

To reach the art room I have to walk a long city block corridor that I swear is on an up-grade. Every time I have made that trek since September I have reached the art room winded. I wondered if there would be a change when I walked it yesterday. There was! Storyteller Mary Garrett left a comment suggesting a breathing technique which I did use. when I walked into the Art Room I was not breathing hard or winded. In my mind - that's a measurable outcome and tells me I need to continue and - add more exercise. Hmmm, thinking about it.

Patti Digh talks about the value of using this challenge to see your patterns. I got it! I got it!


Mary said...

I'm glad the breathing helped! Keep up the good work!
We have the sister of that little dancer in the St. Louis Art Museum. You'll have to visit sometime . . .

Travelin'Oma said...

My mother always made my sister and I matching Easter outfits with coats and "sheaths." We got new petticoats, socks with lace trim, patent-leather shoes, bonnets and little stretchy gloves. I wish she'd spent some of the money on a camera! It's all recorded in my memory but I can't download the prints.

Kate Dudding said...


I just found out on Saturday that the little dancer was the only sculpture by Degas displayed during his lifetime. While he created many other smaller ones, now on display in many museums, he didn't consider them works of art. See http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/dgsb/hd_dgsb.htm for more info.


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