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Double duty. Pomagranates, magnolia leaves, and seed pods on a bed of evergreens.

MORE THAN WORDS - Drawing with Glue

Adjoa Burrowes and I taught another simple printing technique in More Than Words, the class we are teaching for Pyramid Atlantic.
We have a class of 15 middle school students but this technique is suitable for all ages.

The classes are so much fun and remind me of the days when I was teaching art (pre-school to 12the grade)at the Cynthia Warner School. This is a technique I first used there.

Using Elmers glue to draw the design the students prepared a printing plate. When the glue dries it will be hard and that will be the printing surface the students will "ink" in two days and print.

This is a simple technique that allows for experiementation and play.

Supplies are minimal and inexpensive:

Small plastic bottles of Elmers glue. Be sure it is free-flowing.
Cardboard to draw onto.
A place for the plates to dry for several days - to harden for the printing.
A rubber roller/brayer
Water-based printing ink.
Paper - interesting to have papers of different thickness and texture.