Williamsburg Wreath 4

As an artist I often work with a series to focus. For the month of December I am braiding three strands on this blog as a major focus: Christmas history and symbolism, Advent, and art history.

Colonial Williamsburg is a favorite destination for Jim and me. I have a collection of photos I have taken when Williamsburg was decorated for Christmas. For December I will post a Williamsburg wreath every day as an Advent observanace. I am also challenging myself to find a madonna painting I can relate to the wreath. Hope you enjoy them.

Quite a combination of fruits, greens and natural objects make-up this dramatic wreath: pine cones, yellow apples, red pomegranate, seed pods, wheat, Spanish moss, and cinnamon.

I found another painting to accompany the wreath.

Madonna and Pomegranate from the workshop of by Italian artist Giovanni Bellini. The painting is in the National Gallery in London. Rread more about the painting and the artist here.