New Year's Eve

St Louis Storyteller Mary Garrett sent this to me today. A neat Happy New Year gift. I love it and want to share it with you.
Wouldn't you love to ride on this subway train and experience that art surprise.

Jim and I are spending a quiet evening at home nursing coughs and colds. With the wind chill at 0 degrees we are sitting near the fire and watching a movie. I hope its not too cold where Granny Sue and Larry are burning their New Year's Eve bonfire and sending all our 2008 troubles up in smoke. I feel a lightness of spirit knowing they are tossing mine into the flames.
Take a look at the bonfire waiting for a match.

Can't close this evening without remembering four people we've lost this year.


Jim's brother David

and two people who were gifts in my life and set me on my path in the arts.

Ron Haynie, a gifted painter and teacher, who never tired of talking about art and whose enthusiasm for painting inspired his students. I was fortunate to be his student at Dunbarton College and American University. I wrote about him in January.

Still Life by Ron Haynie

Marcia Sward, Director of Environmental Education at the Audubon Narutalist Society.
Marcia believed that stories could unlock kids' imaginations and foster their appreciation of the natural world. She gave me the opportunity to take stories to the schools under the ANS banner for five years. Marcia was a gracious, generous nd talented woman who left a legacy with everyone she met.