Williamsburg Wreath 6, Hans Holbein, 3 Beautiful Things

The shell seemed an unusual natural element for Williamburg until you think about the proximity to the rivers and ocean. Ground shells are used like gravel on walkways and drives in the area.

Then I read further and found out that shells are Christian symbols for Baptism and pilgrimmage. It represents Baptism because the early Christians often worshipped at the edge of rivers and used shells to dip and pour water. The Faithful when making pilgrimmages to Jerusalem carried shells and used them as drinking cups for their journey.

Notice that in this painting there is a half-shell behind the Madonna.

The Darmstadt Madonna, Hans Holbein the Younger.

Three Beautiful Things

1. Story Swap at our house tonight. Eight storytellers sat around a fire in the rec. room and told stories stories. Lovely. Cricket Parmelee told a new-to-me story, haunting Native American story,The Winter Wife. The evening was topped off with a special treat - perfect and delicious gingerbread men from storyteller Margaret Chatham's oven.

2. Harry Potter - a classic in our time. This is a Harry Potter movie marathon week-end on the Family Channel. I will not lie. I dipped in and out of the familiar movies, The Sorcerors Stone and The Chamber of Secrets. Love the stories and fun to watch the actors growing up before our very eyes.

3. Wintertime - icing the day for me was the first dusting of snow this evening. Snow always adds a bit of magic.