Lost in Harry Potter

There were so many things on my list for today.
I meant to do them, I really did.
Instead I picked up The Deathly Hallows
and got lost in it.
My list fell by the wayside.

Do you ever do that?

The story is rocketing along. Rowling draws you in and holds you tight.

As Rowling re-connects to the earlier parts of the story from the other books many characters re-appear, some only briefly.

I was so happy to have Daedulus Diggle dash across the page once more. Did you miss him? I could not possibly miss him. Why? My family name is Diggle. Ellouise Diggle - that's me.

Dedalus Diggle first appeared in the Sorceror's Stone (page 69), then dropped off the radar - so welcome back Dedalus Diggle. Look for him wearing his mauve top hat in The Deathly Hallows (page 36).

A lot to be learned about story as you soar along with Ron and Harry and Hermione.
Many threads reappear from the other books to connect today to yesterday - that's good storytelling.

Repetition is a mighty tool in storytelling.

Tip: Repetition is vital for moving a story along and keeping the listener connected to all the pieces of the story. Its not just kids who enjoy and respond to repetitions in stories; for adults you inlcude them differently. Remember "I have a bad feeling about this." in Star Wars? Its like a sounding note that echoes through the story. .