Hair Spray - Go See It

Rollicking Fun. It was a chance for Jim and me to touch base with our past. We lived in Baltimore in the 50s, leaving just before the time of this movie. Things changed slowly in Baltimore so we have many strong memory connections with this movie. Don't miss the narrow suit jackets on the guys, the long pointed toes, shirt waist dresses with their little narrow belts, and the big hair.

The big hair - that is a memory. I once had a bee hive hairdo. Sprayed so that it was like a metal helmet. There is a story about that. Maybe I will come back and add it.

Read Bob Mondello's review on NPR.

To get the feel of the movie check out these websites, one. two I liked the link for yaho (two) best because there are so many clips to hear the music and a brief chat with John Waters, the creator of the original.