Be Prepared

Instead of being at an out-of-town storytelling workshop this week-end I am sitting in my grand-daughter's bedroom this morning typing this blog. The workshop was unexpectedly cancelled and thankfully rescheduled for the Spring.

Well dang.

I had hoped to work with the trusted group on a story I am telling for a radio show taping next week where I will be the one interviewed not asking the questions.

HUGE snow was predicted yesterday and many States across the US had it and still have it - but we have not yet seen any snow although it was supposed to start over our  heads during the middle of the night. I woke up this morning in my grand-daughter's bed to a quiet Saturday morning and not a bit of anything white on the ground.

Why am I here and not at home?

The truth is I over-reacted in the face of  predictions of possible crippling snow. My arm is not completely healed from recent shoulder surgery which is a bit limiting...although it is getting better.

And, to my surprise, over the past year I have developed temperature related asthma. I am not used to handling it yet so on really cold days I hang out in my house. The threat of a possible deep snow that could cause the power to go off yanked my choke chain and twisted my perspective.
My son and his wife kindly took me in because their house has a generator that takes over if power fails.

This time last year Karen and I were encamped here at Jim and Monica's for a week when snow blanketed the Washington area, shut things down and stalled the snow plows. It was a warning that I needed to make a better plan for how I would handle one of these "snow-ins". I thought about having a generator installed at my house - but I didn't do it.
It is back at the top my list of things to noodle on.

Could this possibly be part of Climate Change - oops. Sorry.There is no such thing.

Situations like this remind me of my childhood and of the Girl Scouts.


A good motto to live by.


Anonymous said...

Not over-reacting at all. Good for you for thinking ahead and taking care of yourself. Better part of valor! <3

Granny Sue said...

It was a wise move, Ellouise. It's hard to have to be away from home but you get a visit with family, so it's all good!

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