At Home Series - One

Its time to look around my house and tell the stories that go with the paintings and objects that are part of the story of my life  - - - particularly my life with Jim and our family and friends.

Just as Christmas Trees and their ornaments are a personal album - a memoir - so  are our homes and the things we collect and chose to live with.  What are the stories they tell?

Seems appropriate to begin my At Home Series in the kitchen.

This painting, one of my favorites hangs in our kitchen The painter, Loretta Shea Schoettler, Jim's mother, gave it to Jim and me twenty years ago. Jim had a childhood story about his mother's delicious soup which he told to the large family gathered at her 80th birthday party. Fortunately we have a video of his telling the story.

Loretta was a talented self-taught "Grandma Moses" and we loved having her talk about her paintings. I remember the first time she showed us this painting. She was so delighted with the way she showed the steam of the hot soup.

The tomato soup painting is promised to Robin. Jim, Jr. and Monica already have this painting hanging in their dining room.
I have always admired the contemporary abstraction of this composition since she was not trained in that or in theorem painting.

Our daughter Karen has a delightful painting of delicious-looking apples which I will add 
as soon as I have a picture.

There is also a tomato soup story from Jim's childhood that He liked to tell. Fortunately we have a video of him telling the story for his mother and the family at her 80th birthday party... 0ne of my 2017 Resolutions is to gather these treasures together. How about you?Robin S. Fox Jamie Fox Jim Schoettler Danny Fox Scotty Fox Alison Schoettler Juliana Schoettler Loretta was a talented self-taught painter - a family Grandma Moses and we are lucky to have some gems to share with our children ... In fact Jim Schoettler and Monica already have one of them hanging in their dining room -Her composition "Fruit on a Flat Surface" has always amazed me since she never had any training in contemporary abstraction to theorem painting.

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