Storyteller Andy Offutt Irwin in Maryland -

Andy Offutt Irwin is a traveling storyteller and troubadour who takes his stories and songs across the United States to entertain audiences and set them laughing and feeling good . He is a friend to many and loved by all. Time with Andy is a joy on many fronts.

Andy is a tall and lanky southern guy from Georgia who has been working with crowds of people from Disney in Florida to large Festivals across the county for"years". His career as a storyteller was launched nationally from the stages of the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesboro, Tennessee which is considered to be the "home" and "hub" of storytelling in the United States. He is a fine tuned professional who has the added touch of warmth and friendliness that opens doors and establishes friendships. And whether he is working from a large stage or an intimate living room "set-aside space" he gives his best.

This week-end Andy was in Ijamsville, Maryland for a two day workshop and a Saturday evening concert hosted by storyteller Susan Gordon in her warm story-friendly home.
For the concert for the two day workshop the storytellers were joined by local story lovers, and particular fans of Andy's who drove in for it. All the set chairs were filled before 7 PM and a few extra added for later arrivals.  It was an evening of fine stories and was
special in that Andy was introducing a new work. The story does not disappoint as it shows Andy's reach for a story that is a bit different from his signature works and digs deeper emotionally.  The audience warmly cheered and appreciated it.
To close the evening he brought forth a short tale of his wonderful fictional character elderly southern old lady "Aunt Marguerite" who is loved and adored by audiences coast to coast. I feel sad for folks who tell me they have not met her!
She is a loving interpretation of many of the women Andy grew up loving and he brings this to life with a beautiful accent and great wit.

Meet Aunt Marguerite:

I was also there for Suday's workshop. It was a good day. I am starting a brand-new story which barely has legs to walk and as he does with all he had pointed comments to help it grow. Another part of why storytellers attend workshops is to hear other storytellers at work and to hear the comments that come for totally different kinds of work. It a group teaching. Andy is a fine listener and generous coach.

Put that together with an environment that is welcoming for storytelling and has a warm host as Susan Gordon is - well it's just a perfect way to work for a week-end.

On a personal note: Maybe eight years ago there was a small two night storytelling event somewhere on the edge of both TN and Ky. I was opening for Michel Reno Harrell the second night and Mary Hamilton was opening for Andy the first night. Jim and I drove in for the first night -
and that was also the first time I had ever seen Andy Offutt Irwin a
bright light from the Jonesborough Stages. Well, I liked Andy's work a lot - but...
I fell in love with Aunt Marguerite  - in every way. In her stories with the voice he gives her and how smart he makes her....even with her strong Georgia accent I could hear my North Carolina women in her. I said something to that effect to Andy after the show and he looked at me like I had jumped a bit off the rails - because clearly I thought she was a
real person.       I still do  - - and if you hear him tell these stories - my bet is -
you will too.

Thanks for a fine week-end, Andy and Susan.

For more about Andy: Andyirwin.com


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