A Surprise Connection

So glad to be with members of MDBPW and MDNow today to observe Women's Equality Day and to enjoy the company of women who have been on the front lines for women's issues for many years.
We speak the same language.

Loved seeing Ruby Aridi wearing a  
10 year old celebration ribbon that she brings out once a year. Tradition.

Very happy to meet Marion Freyer, a retired  Manager in the DC Government who was in charge of programs for women.
When she walked in I noticed that she was carrying 
The Spirit of Houston.   
I touched her on the shoulder.
"I see you are carrying a historic book there. 
I have one too."
We laughed and shared memories of the International Women's Year national meeting in Houston in 1977.
Telling our stories to each other brought it all back - memories flooding both of us.

We had lots in common.

Were both there.
It was a moment!

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