Adam Booth, Storyteller - at SPEAK.

Adam Booth, Storyteller

There was a  memorable evening of fine storytelling yesterday at SPEAK in Shepherdstown, WV. Adam Booth told his new show, Daniel the Great to a "sold out" crowd. He held them in the palm of his hand with a fine story and stellar delivery.

The story is well-crafted and laced gently with laughs and message but the added magic was Adam's delivery and connection with the audience. He draws you into the story and creates a spell with his voice that holds you.  At one time I looked around quickly and saw that all eyes looked straight ahead at Adam. Its a gift!! And, he's got it.

Adam is a musician and he called on that rich skill by singing ballads which complemented the story. For me the music was also in Adam's speaking of the story. He used highs and lows of his voice intonations, hards and softs of the words, and wrapping it all together with skillful pacing.  And a plus of facial expressions and gestures that subtly brought people and places to life.

It was a wonderful evening and everyone left feeling good and well satisfied.

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