It's Time to Turn it OFF

Daisies, e. schoettler

Today I feel the need for a bit of quiet beauty so I post this photograph I call -
Still-life with Daisies. 

The last few weeks of following the campaign for the Presidency have been disappointing for me..  I don't think I have ever seen such nastiness during an election or maybe I was just blind to it.

Except for one high spot - that we finally have a woman nominated for the Presidency. Hillary Clinton's formal nomination made history. I had dreamed of that for years but I had hoped for a campaign that would celebrate this step forward for women and for the United States.

Instead Donald Trump has turned the entire election into a nightmare of anger, hate and insult toward Hillary Clinton as well as toward any person who supports her or criticizes him.

Where is the decency in this election. My skin crawls and sometimes my eyes fill with tears when he viciously turns on Hillary. She says she is tough and can "take it".  But my question is -  - why should she have to?  Why do we allow it? Where is reasonable discourse and rational argument?

The media gives Trump unlimited coverage whenever he utters something totally outrageous and usually untrue that becomes the topic of the day - they talk and talk about it and about him. They fan the fires of hate that he ignites.  It is so obvious that he knows this will happen. This is his tactic to keep the cameras on him.  It is a "kid's technique" he has perfected.

All this has been said by many well-respected, intelligent people  - so the question is - why does the media continue to cover him and make him the central topic of conversation. Why do they interview over and over and over the Trump Surrogates who insult anyone who talks rationally about what is happening?

And why does no one pay attention to those in medicine who warn and lament of his illness. Trump is not a well man.  Why does his family stand by and watch him unraveling?

Why does the Republican Party stand by and watch their party being shattered ???

Just some questions I ask myself when I cannot sleep at night worrying about what will happen to my family if Donald Trump is elected. Do you worry about your family.

I ask why? And expect an answer - - but none comes.

But now I have got it.
It's me.
It's  us -
media thinks we are stupid and won't catch on -
it is their job to fill the air  - -

Well, I have discovered something. For me - - - There is an OFF button.

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