Stage Kiss - at Round House Theater

A few days ago my daughter Karen and I decided to extend our Christmas "doings" so we bought tickets for a play.

This afternoon my daughter Karen and I laughed out loud, along with the rest of the audience at Round House Theater , Bethesda, MD, during a performance of Stage Kiss.  It was great!!!

As I expected Excellent reviews are posted on Joel Markowitz's fabulous site, DC Metro Theater Arts.

It feels so good to lose yourself in a play as actors work hard to keep you laughing and to draw you into their world on stage. In addition to outstanding performances I have always appreciated the sets designed for plays at the Round House Theater - and today was another winner for me.  I particularly enjoyed seeing several characters wearing ridiculous orange clothes from the 1970s. Could not help wondering if they were the "real thing" or successful copies.

The run of the play ends tomorrow. We were lucky that we caught Stage Kiss on the next to last day.

On the drive home Karen and I agreed we need more real-life theater performances. We have already checked theater schedules and picked a few we want to see. Come on 2016!

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