David Wallace - Mixed Media Collage, 2004: Artwork As Personal Story Series, No. 4

Seven years ago on a warm May afternoon Jim and I stopped by Neptune Gallery in Bethesda, MD. This review by Claudia Rousseau was probably what lured us to visit the exhibition.

We were particularly captivated by the collages in the show. David Wallace was so assured with his use of mixed papers and fragments of images to create works which suggested subtle and appealing stories. Those works really spoke to me - maybe you will agree if you look at the galleries on his website. 

We came home with this one. I hung it in my office near my computer and I loved having it near-by. 

Several years ago I gave it to Robin for her birthday. Something about the piece looked like one that she would like and enjoy.

Today it is on a shelf in her living room.

My favorite genre for my own art is collage. Cutting and piecing bits of color to make new compositions satisfies me. My textiles are also collages - its a form that suits me. 

About ten years ago I reluctantly began to realize that I needed to find homes for my favorite art works - whether they are mine or works Jim and I added to our  personal collection. At first I moved slowly with giving things away but lately I am realizing that I need to get on with it. 

And I am - but I am holding onto the stories and connections they stir.

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Still the Lucky Few said...

Art is so enduring—the physical piece and the emotions it stirs up. I have pieces that have graced my walls for decades. I have also given away many paintings. I had the foresight to take pictures of most, but not all. It's surprising how I can conjure them up in my mind's eye! Old friends are always with us...