Dream traveling

I woke up dreaming again this morning. I think Jim was there - in the dream - but .... I am not absolutely sure.

As I woke up I could see that I was in a bedroom in a lovely B&B somewhere else, say like England. It was in an older time - not today. I recognized that immediately because of the furniture and a small fire burning in the fireplace.

People talking outside the window. Not that I understood what they were saying because they were speaking with a beautiful accent - no doubt British. It had to be British to sound that precisely clipped and correct. Ah, I love to hear a British accent.

By now, I am opening my eyes. I looked around. Darn. I am in my room in my very own bed warm under my favorite quilt. And - -  since my bedroom is on the second floor there is no one talking or walking-by outside my window.

"Why was I in the other room in the dream",  I asked myself out loud. The cat moved at my feet disturbed by hearing my voice.

When I lifted the quilt so that I could sit up - I got an inkling of the why.

The iPad tells the story. Instead of reading in bed, like I used to,  I watch Netflix movies on my iPad most nights.

This morning Netflix is paused but the screen shows what I was watching when I fell asleep -

Foyle's War  - which is set in Britain, with the marvelous man of few words, Michael Kitchen starring as Foyle.

The rooms are of another time ---- another place ---- and most rooms do look like a B & B I would like to book a room in.

Hmm. I do have a new Passport - Could I be telling myself to take a trip - "across the pond?"

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Still the Lucky Few said...

Your unconscious is telling you something. But that is the frustrating nature of dreams—trying to figure it out, when the message is obscure and mysterious. I found that if I just took my mind off of it, let it sit, some clarity might come. It certainly was an interesting dream!