60th Wedding Anniversary

Jim Schoettler and I were married December 30, 1955 -
at Assumption Catholic Church, Charlotte, NC.

This was the beginning.

December 2005   Jim  and I celebrated our 50th anniversary with a  reception at our home in Chevy Chase, MD.  It was a wonderful party shared with family and friends - and Jim's toast was sweet and funny. 

I am thinking of that today - which is our 60th anniversary. I am pretty sure I can guess what he might be saying if he were here.

A long marriage is a beautiful gift - you have the time to know each other so well, the satisfaction of making it through tossing winds and troubled seas together, 
the  joy of many blessings, large and small, and most of all  - - love.


Still the Lucky Few said...

This is so beautiful You have been blessed. A wonderful tribute to your long marriage.


Appreciate your comments. On this one - the hidden down side is the missing, isn't it? I feel fortunate now to fill my head with stories - particularly ones that have bits of history. Happy New Year to you! To:
Still the Lucky Few