A Treasure and a Nudge

When Karen and I went to PA to check on things at our house there I had no idea I would find a surprise. A treasure.

As we prepared to leave to return to MD I stepped into Jim's and my bedroom, for no particular reason. I looked around. Thinking. Then I spied this box on the bottom shelf of the computer table. It was not mine. But it looked familiar. I started to leave but something pulled me back and I retrieved the box. When I opened it I was startled to find it filled with old photos. What?

These are old pictures of Jim's family - his father, his grandfather, mother, brothers and sisters. Pictures his mother gave him years ago.
So few names. But I have been through them before with Jim and I remember many of them - - - but not all. I hope they are not lost.

One of Jim's favorite photos of he and his brothers bedded down together when staying at their cabin at Bass Lake.

I recognize that the tallest altar-boy is Jim's Dad, Hal Schoettler. I think that's Hal's mother.

Jim's uncle Bob Schoettler holding his oldest daughter when he returned from overseas after WWII.

There is a strong resemblance between Bob and Jim.

I have no doubts why I found these pictures now - - - before they are lost completely.

Its a message.
A reminder.
A nudge.
I have a job to do.
Family history work to complete for Jim and for me.
For our children and grandchildren.

Genealogy and family history brought me to storytelling more than twenty years ago.  Looks like its time to touch base with those roots to gather more stories.

Jim and I worked these connections together - seems he is nudging me back to it.

This time I will write names on the back of all the pictures. Hope you already are.

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