Bits of the Day

We have a line of large flower pots on the deck planted with an assortment of blooming plants which are flourishing.  Seeing the flashes of color through out the day lifts spirits. I love the vibrant yellow because it catches my eye everytime I come into the kitchen.
Introducing Princess Leia.
Although eight years ago I wanted to being her home - maybe I had visions of a sweet loving lap dog - anyway - she became Jim's dog - totally devoted to him.
He took care of her and trained her. She even danced - for him. 
These days she is a bit lost and sad - still wandering the house looking for Jim - hoping she has not really been left here - alone - with me.
Everyone tells me that we will bond as its clear I am the one that feeds her. So far they are wrong. 
Shih Tzus are not just smart dogs - they are opinionated and stubborn. On top of that, Leia is an alpha female - let's just say - we are hestitantly making - do with our new relationship.

Today book-work dominated me and the kitchen table - where I can enjoy the sunlight and the encouragement of the blooming flowers on the deck.
Bills ofcourse, still changing accounts from Jim to me, scheduling appointments and chatting with folks who call to "touch-base."
Plus storytelling stuff - working on the marketing for the Capital Fringe, scheduling guests for the Focus TV show, and working on stories. A good day really.

Except - there is something missing - - and I cannot forget that - - -

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