For Mother's Day

Handmade - a story about my mother for Mother's Day. This version was taped in 2010. It is dated by the color of my hair and the old set at Chanel 16 -- which suggests its time to tape it again. I would not surprised to hear the story change now that my life has changed so dramatically. Our stories have a life of their own and shift with our lives. That's a storyteller's truth isn't it? When we storytellers draw the story from our life and our experience - - Nothing stands still. What would it say - if the stories didn't change?

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Granny Sue said...

That is an interesting observation, Ellouise. Some stories deepen and grow, others leave the repertoire after a time, even though they might be excellent stories. Our trip yesterday through the little town where the mother of he Greenbrier Ghost lived in the late 1800's will certainly add depth to the story because I can see the place in my mind as I tell the story.