Thinking of Charles Kuralt, storyteller with a Video

The Night the Stars Fell, e. schoettler, collage

My friend Jennie called to share her delight at listening to an old audio tape of Charles Kuralt reading from his book, On the Road.

Born and bred in North Carolina Charles Kuralt was the kind of consummate storyteller I grew up around.  After he graduated from the University of North Carolina - ( Chapel Hill, will do for those who know and love it )  Kuralt returned to Charlotte to begin his career as a journalist. He found stories at every turn and he carried his ability to capture ordinary people into his career in NYC - - -  it resulted in his famous and well-loved "On the Road" television program.

Hearing his voice brings me back to earlier days in Charlotte and reminds me of my debt to and  appreciation for Kuralt's ability to translate the ordinary into "story".

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