Life - Mixed Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving
   A time for gathering a few memories.
Going with my grandmother to Morrisson Farms to pick out the turkey from those clucking in the 
farm yard.  Once it was tagged she would return in several days to pick it up - plucked and ready   
for her roasting pan.
Favorite dishes: sweet potato casserole, dressing - hot on Thanksgiving and cold next day,
jellied cranberry - for years I thought you could only eat that at Thanksgiving, now I serve it
year round and ambrosia - with coconut.

Jim and I will celebrate our 56th wedding anniversary December 30 - so this is our 58th Thanksgiving together. We often talk about the first - when a Hopkins Nursing School classmate and I cooked a dinner for Jim and his room-mate. He married me later dispite the biscuits that day which could have doubled as hockey pucks. Since then I serve delicious biscuits --- from a tube.

Another turkey memory. A few years ago I invited a gaggle of folks got Thanksgiving Dinner. 
Bought the Turkey - frozen - the day before - - -a twenty four pound turkey does not thaw in a
minute. My daughter Karen and I sat up all night running warm water over the "bird" - inside and 
out - so that I could cook it Thanksgiving morning. It worked but I don't recommend it.

 This year I will not be cooking the Turkey. My cousins are bringing the dinner - ready for the table - and it is a wonderful blessing. 

We have many blessings to celebrate today - but Jim's health is not one of them.
His cancer has returned. Back on Chemo which we hope will soon take hold and suppress things. At the moment he feels lousy. Please remember him in your prayers.


BYRSTN said...

Prayers fo you both.

Granny Sue said...

Such nostalgia in these memories, Ellouise. And I say the biscuits are homemade if you have to put them in the oven!

I hate hearing the cancer is back. Jim is such a trouper through all this. Sending prayers, my friend. Hug that man for me. And hug yourself too. I miss you.

Funny--my word verification is comedi-this life is a comedy in some ways, we're so often fooled.