Life Never Stops - A Collage


Life never stops

That's how it is around our house  -
some days are wonderful, others not so.
We live with Jim's cancer around here - which keeps us on our toes.
You never know when the silent beast will raise its ugly head and stir things up.

Turn on CNN and wallow in stories of other kinds of beasts -
   war, rape, murder - election debates that leave me uneasy
actually nervous and scared by threatened cuts to medicare and social security.
On that I know I know I am not alone.

Sunny days and storytelling help me keep the "dementors" away. 

Right now our grandson is playing on an undefeated high school football team
  that won their first play-off game last night

This team originally expected to rank LAST - keeps charging ahead -
like the little engine that COULD.
The coach said, "I don't know how they are doing it. Maybe we should just leave them alone."
Go Cougars
Keep making your own story.

Lets keep cheering.

Life never stops
Playing two sides of the coin at one time.

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Sandra D said...

I love this entry in your blog, Ellouise. Very sweet, sad, happy and poignant all at the same time… which makes it very special. I hope Jim is doing alright, send my love.
xoxo, Sandra

Oh yeah… Go Cougars!! : )