Summer's end.

The swimming pool on our street has closed.
Summer is done for another year.

Some kids are probably mourning their swim suits and pool laps
Not me.

Swimming - Edited from Ellouise Schoettler on Vimeo.

And there are other sure signs that summer has passed.

I lay in the bed this morning listening to the couple next door herding their two elementary schoolers into the car for their daily drive to a local parish school. A few minutes later I heard the sounds of the big county school bus as it labored up the hill outside our bedroom window.

Ah, yes -
school has started.
Another year has begun.

September is a special kind of New Year for me.
Time to buy books, composition books, pens and pencils. One of the best things for me when I went back to college in 1968 was a rock-solid reason for buying new supplies in the bookstore. That urge hangs on -
Staples is my favorite store.

When Robin was here last June she announced, after rummaging around for something,
"you don't need to ever buy any more office supplies.
People should shop here."

Taking her admonition to heart -
I am steering clear of school-supply displays

I am shopping at home.

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