Stories, Laughter and a Sweet Potato

Three Beautiful Things
  • telling stories for an audience - 50 strong - energetic seniors at a Methodist Church Senior Group in Burtonsville, MD. They enjoyed my stories and I enjoyed theirs. Lovely exchange
  • seeing Jim laughing at my stories - that he has heard over and over and over.
  • a richly delicious baked sweet potato for supper.

Also "did business". Worked out details on a new storytelling concert series I am producing which will begin in January. I am excited about it and look forward to it.

After 10 years I have changed the name of my annual Halloween storytelling program to: Scary Stories: Voices from the Other Side. Feels good.

Unexpected opportunity offered today. Considering entering an art and craft show in November and selling some of my textile works along with specialty cards. Any body in the market -------

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