Tenth Day of Christmas

Tenth Day of Christmas
10 Lords a Leaping - for me that's basketball players, running and leaping from on end of the court to another.

We spent the day visiting with family. Lovely. Just nice to be together. We did take a group to see National Treasure 2 - the new Nicolas Cage movie. My second time seeing it. Jim slept through it and he had ever seen it before - too loud and not subtle enough to hold his interest. Not to mention how far-fetched. The best scene in the movie -when Helen Mirren, the ex-wife, gives Jon Voight, her ex-husband, "the look". She has such a wonderful face. I thought National Treasure 1 was more intriguing and clever. Will they go for 3 - I hope not - but if they do I hope they can convince HM to come along.

We drove in to Fresno and stopped by Ashtree Studio where I will be telling stories during the Rogue Festival in March. Glad to see the space. Intimate. Good for storytelling. I was surprised to recognize Fresno storyteller, Terence McArthur. I met him last year during the Rogue. He was putting final touches on his art show which was opening that evening. Nice to meet him in another persona.