Happy New Year

Oops, I missed the 7th Day of Christmas - I left those seven swans a swimming.

My excuse for the 7th day - San Francisco in December can be, has been, cold and raining and we caught something and have been sick. I spent the day parked next to the fire in the den. Jim rallied and made-up a delicious soup to celebrate our son-in-law's birthday.

and our daughter led the group in finishing the 2007 Puzzle.

With that tied up we are in good shape to enter the New Year.

The Eighth Day of Christmas is the First Day of the New Year.

Wouldn't it be great to wake up this morning - January 1 of a New Year without any carry over from the lists of 2007? I didn't.
Part of my intentions for 2008 is to face down procrastination and over-scheduling.

Intentions - seems like in everthing I read people are talking about intending to do something.

I like this new way of looking at new beginnings - to make intentions - not resolutions. Breaking resolutions just bathed me in guilt. Straying from intentions sounds survivable - like you can pick yourself up - and start over.

The other day I was shopping at Long's Drugstore - cruising the now drastically reduced Christmas goods. When I turned a corner and saw this woman selecting her Christmas cards for next year - I pulled out my camera.

I was struck by her optimism and her determination in the face of real challenges. Awed by her hope.

That's what I need for new beginnings whether they are resolutions or intentions. Or life.

Sbe's my 2008 Pin Up Girl.