On the brink - but saved

An image from Glimpses - one of a group of variations on this image of a stag's head. I first saw this concrete head over a doorway in Kenmare, Ireland when Jim and I were trapped on an elderhostel bus trip. But that is another story.

Jim helped me hang my part of the show yesterday. We went down to Gallery 10 about 10 am - and since five digital frames seemed very straught forward - I expected to be home no later than 2 PM.

But what is ever simple? Right? I stepped back and knocked over a can of white paint on the grey carpet. Would you like to know how sick it feels to look down and see a thick, creeping river of white latex paint speading at your feet? Pretty sick, I can tell you.

Thirty -five years of hanging art shows and I have never spilled paint before. I could not believe it. Lucy, our friend Claudia, Jim and I remained calm. No screaming.

We scooped up the top layer of juicy paint and stopped the spreading. I called a local paint store. 'Water and rags", hetold me. "Plenty of water and rags to blot it up with".

Six hours and six double rolls of Brawny paper towels later I had blotted up that white paint stain.

Today I can hardly walk. My knees are rebelling from the kneeling over a damp paper towel. Tight woven industrial carpet laid on an unpadded concrete floor is not kind to knees. My thighs are angry after all the squatting and stooping and crawling.

Jim hung the show beautifully - as he always does. This time he was measuring even more precisely than ususal with a lazer tool that our daughter gave him for Christmas. The digital frames are working. I love the way the images look as they slide from picture to picture.

Lucy's work looks great on the wall - wonderful printed digital image.

Our work and our approaches complement each other and combine for a strong show.