Rug report - and a memory

Put the final touches on Glimpses today. The show looks great.

I had been a little nervous about using digital frames instead of printing out images for the wall - but I should not have been concerned. Its my best installation set-up yet. People who came in today were enthusiastic. All the artists wanted to know where I bought the frames. Microcenter should stock up.

I like the15" frame but hanging the three 8" digital frames in a tight vertical line so the images interact visually is a very dynamic set-up.

The best news of all. The paint spot on the rug is gone. All gone.

One more hurdle - the opening on Friday - then I can forget about these babies until pick up March 1.

Feels like dropping kids off at the day-nursery assuring them I would be back in three hours. Then enjoying the break.

A memory - just a moment ago
a tv movie is droning in the background.
My ears pick up when I hear someone say, "Kilamnjaro, Africa."
I looked up, to watch an open land-rover speeding across the plains with zebra, or were they wildebeasts running along behind it.

" Is that where you were?" Jim asks.

I feel the heat and taste the dust of the July day I rode in a speeding land rover across the same expanse of plains, watching animals running free - as they should.

It was my 49th birthday. The first day of my 50th year.



A story for another day.

Preserve the memory.