Home Again -

We are back home. It was a little easier to leave knowing we will return soon since I am performing at the Rogue Festival in Fresno the first and second week-ends in March.

Its always hard to leave when we are visiting with our grandsons and our daughter on the West Coast. 3,000 miles is a darn long way. Technology is a help. Email and telephone are important connectors. But they are not the real thing, are they?

The flight back was another one of those rocking and rolling journeys. I hate that! I just hate it. By the time we reached the Rockies the pilot announced that as soon as we reached the "front range" it would settle down. That would be in twenty minutes. HA! Two hours later we were still on a bucking bronco and landed in cross winds at Dulles. Karen met us and said, "Those winds just came up."

I know. We brought them.

So much for that.

We are home. Jim is back at work. I am back at work. Things are sliding back into our usual routine.

There is comfort in the ordinary.