Dalmation Story On TV

Recently I taped a TV program with my friend Lee Shephard - We had a great time! He sent me the "link" so that I can share it. Hope you enjoy the story.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

As we mention in the program, Lee and I first knew each other in the Second Grade. I think we each made our first stage appearance at the same time. Miss Terry rehearsed the class and we presented an extravaganza of Mistress Mary Quite Contrary on the big stage in the auditorium Neither of us had a speaking part - I don't think anyone did. Even so I have a vivid memory of that play because Granny let me wear my aunt's wonderful yellow ruffled dancing costume so that I was properly out-fitted as Mistress Mary - when I stood holding a watering can over the backs of classmates who were silver bells and cockle shells.

Lee has been a broadcaster since we were in High School. He awed everyone with his wonderful voice on the radio as an early teen DJ. Fame at an early age sent him to UNC in broadcasting (as he mentioend) and then later to Washington as a TV personality here. When we moved to the Washington area in 1968 I loved watching him on TV, knowing that I knew him when.

As much as I admire and enjoy him on TV I am most personally grateful to Lee for all he has done and continues to do to hold our High School graduating class together - with a website- and being a spirit to continue our class reunions. We were a pretty smart group to elect him President of the Senior Class in 1954 - and he continues to take the lead.