The Fifth Day of Christmas

Today we again crossed the Oakland Bay Bridge to another tournament basketball game with Scotty playing with his other fifth grade team mates. These are eleven year olds. They lost their game by one basket but it was one of the most exciting, hard fought games I have ever watched. The Panters played with heart and determination and they held a strong team that had routed them earlier in the season to a two point lead.

Watching our grandson play basketball we learned a lot about him.
Before the game we stopped at Lava Java for more of their delicious hot chocolate. Scotty told us, "we want to win this game."
and he played hard trying to make it happen. He is not one of the larger boys on the team but he is quick and thoughtful. He stole balls, batting them free from the hands of larger boys, moving quickly, handing off when he saw that another teammate had a better chance of making the shot.

In the car on the ride home he talked over the game, analyzing what worked and what didn't - in detail - not just his plays but those of the whole game. "Scotty, are you seeing the game over again in you mind?" "Yes.I do. I like to watch the plays over."

As the conversation progressed he told us that he wants to play for the NBA. His mother piped up, " well, if you don't play I know you would be a good sportscaster."

He was annoyed. "Mom, I am not going to be a sportscaster, I am going to play."

I hope he does.

But today - I envy him his optimism and all the possibilities ahead.