Grand Dad Gus

My sister Lynda wrote this morning - "the people in my office think Henry looks the most like Grand Dad Gus".

Gus you are back - we are remembering you and now Lynda has given the man no one knew a new name we can call him by. He is no longer "your mama's daddy" - he is ours too.

Hello Grand Dad Gus.

Reminds me of the African Story - The Cow Tail Switch.

A great hunter goes into the bush one morning and never returns. He has five sons and his wife is pregnant. She delivers another son. And when this young boy is old enough he asks,
"Where is my father?"
His question stirs the older sons to take their weapons and enter the bush to find their father. They find his bones and working magic they bring those bones back to life and bring the father home. everyone rejoices.
The father makes a "cow tail switch" a prized object - and one day he says "I will give this to the one who did the most to bring me back to life."

The older sons argue about who did the most, who found the bones, who made the skins, who brought back the blood, who breathed in the breath - but the father walks across the circle and stands before the youngest son and hands HIM the cow tail switch.

"He did the most. He asked the question."

This is the joy - the reward of genealogy. Keep asking the questions.

And there is more to come of Gus's story - I promise.