An Old Card for Christmas

Going through old photos recently I found this Christmas Card. I remember the year - mid 1940s - it was mailed to friends in Charlotte by my father's parents, Sam and Louise Diggle. Nanny and Papa Sam are in the front sleigh, followed by their eight children, Lewis, Jack, Mary Cobb, Catherine, Robert, Betty, Loretto and Tut. And theu are followed by the first crop of eight cousins, Sandra, Ellouise, Sam, Tommy, Lynda, Jimmy,Kathy, and Charlie. (click on the image to enlarge it.)

Robert is my daddy and Lynda and Kathy are my sisters. That's a pretty good version of the large house Sam and Louise built in 1915 to house all those kids. And make room for all the rest as their children married and added to the "clan".

Nanny wrote the verse. My Aunt Tut told me, "Mama was a versifier."

" We Diggles are a mighty clan
In size and age we vary
But large and small we wish you all
A Yutetide, Bright and Merry."

Sixty two years later the sentiment holds and so
again this year - from them - through me - to you.

Warm wishes for a Yuletide, Bright and Merry