Music Music Music

Remember Teresa Brewer's 1950 hit song "Music, Music, Music." Thanks to You Tube we can hear it.

This morning when I read Teresa Brewer's obit in the Washington Post, I immediately thought of her big hit Music, Music, Music. More than that I could hear it in my head even though I had not thought of her or the song in years.

I loved that song. When it made the top of the charts on radio DJ shows, I was 14 years old. One of my prized possessions was a small, square 45 rpm record player which I kept in my bedroom. I bought her record and played it and played it and played it - and more than that, I sang along with her. The beat, the sound of the nickeloden, her childlike, bouncy voice, the lyrics - it was all terrific to my ears.

This memory give me a fresh connection to that 14 year old girl that ws/is me.

Thank you Teresa Brewer for your ,usic, especially for Music Music Music.
Good-bye and R.I.P.

STORYTELLING TIP: You never know what is going to put you in mind of a story. Stop and listen. Catch the story.