Round and round on the merry-go-round.

Know that feeling?

Just keep moving - round and round.

The first time I remember riding the horse up and down
up and down
up and down,
was on the Carousel at an amusement park on Wilkerson Boulevard in Charlotte.

When Mama was driving Lynda and me back to Sacred Heart after a week-end at home she stopped so we could have a ride. I was nine years old. The caliope music rang out as the motor cranked the platform around and the horses up and down. Sunlight sparkled in the mirrors set around the central core. It was magical.

That 1940s amusement park was nothing fancy like King's Dominion or Busch Gardens. It was a cleared lot covered with sawdust where they had set up a group of rides. I just remember the carousel and the ferris wheel> Those are the only ones I ever rode. It was wonderful. I loved it.

I still ride them whenever I have a chance - and I remember -

Its only in the every day of round and round and round that I sometimes want to stop -

and get off.

But what if I couldn't get back on?

Ah, the existential question.