Home from Williamsburg

We returned Sunday night after a wonderful week-end in Williamsburg, VA.for the Williamsburg Storytelling Festival. The days were filled with sunny skies, warm breezes, stories and family time. The weeke-end was rich with great festival storytellers: Donald Davis, Bill Lepp, Carmen Deedy, Len Cabral, Eth No Tec, O. Jean Moss and Kathryn Wyndham.

Sounds idyllic, doesn't it?

Well, it was and it wasn't. Isn't that how life goes?

I loved being outside, in a serene and pristine setting like the green grassy area behind Bassett Hall - to listen to stories or talk with people.

Jim and I made an appointment with the Story Keepers.
We each recorded a 15 minute interview. They gave us a CD of each interview as a souvenir - a moment in our history to share with our family.

We had time with our granddaughter Alison who is a Freshman at William and Mary. She is so happy and glad to be there.
All is exciting and she is reveling in all the new friends and experiences. We all remember that - -

Jim received a call giving him the time for the Sunday burial of a long-time mentor of his so we decided to return early Sunday to be there for that.

It is funny how the stories and life came together by the end of the day. More to come.

Now my schedule has taken over. This is a stop-by to say hello.