Good News

Received word today that I have been awarded a "creative projects grant" by the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgormery Couty - to create a new story.

A story lurks within dusty boxes of my journals which are stored in my studio. I have been wanting to work with that material for some time and now I am ready and lo and behold I have been granted some money to do it.

Basically it will be a story of how a primpted and proper 1950s housewife morphed into an activist feminista working to pass the ERA. That's me.

It was an interesting and exciting time. I met many interesting people on the sidelines of that battle. For the next nine months I will be reliving those days and -- looking for the story.

That's how it is when you start out - you don't know what the final story will be.
I only know one thing. It's funny!