I Am Still A Real Southerner

Two weeks ago I made the mistake of checking in at the John Blair Publishers website. They specialize in North Carolina and other things southern. I was tempted. I succumbed. Ordered this stack of books about "what it is to be a southern woman."

Its my periodic "fix" to prod my memory of stories that may be lurking right there but my brain is slow on the "search" fields.

When I order from a company I can't resist checking them out. You know "who works there" - like I might possibly know somebody. Not that it will get me a discount or anything. It just makes me feel more connected.

What do you know! The marketing guy's name was "sparrow". John Blair Pub. is in Winston-salem, NC. I know one person who lives in that town - well, my aunt lives there too, but she doesn't count, she doesn't even answer her phone. Oops, another story.

One of my high school classmates, Warren Sparrow, lives in Winston-Salem. Could it be? I shook my head. Waited a minute and then hit this "sparrow's" email.

A quick note. "Know anyone from the Class of 1954, Charlotte Central High School?"

Within the hour young sparrow wrote back. "my father."

Ah. Life is good. 6% of separation proved again. I felt connected. John H. Blair and I have a special relationship.

Southerners - real southerners - understand.

TIP: Always ask the question.