Catching Up - Again

REMEMBERING - -  Collecting Memories by Ellouise Schoettler -  July 2020 -  


Yosemite  - Ca  
2016 - A few weeks before my 80th birthday. I went with Jimmy and Robin with me made a quick visit to this magic place.




First Half of July:

Collage - 199?
Pulled out this slide because it reminded me that I made it when Jim and I rented a wonderful Cape Cod house near the Atlantic beach and serenaded by the music of the waves.

For two years Jim and I spent two weeks on Cape Cod for our vacation. Jim attended medical workshops where he  focused on interesting medical gatherings until Noon on week-days and I stayed alone at the house and worked in a temporary art studio I set up. Perfect!  Afternoons we explored the area by car and by riding our bikes.

It was a great way to spend the days.

Love the memories.

I did not put these out on time so - - - -trying to catch up

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